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Someone with a beautiful butt is called Callipygian, 15 English words you never knew existed

In our everyday use of the English language, there are quite a lot of things we never knew to have their own adjectives. Here are some English word you never knew existed

1: The English adjective for someone who has a beautiful butt is "callipygian."

2: A person who is delusional that they are extremely intelligent is called a sophomaniac.

3: Left-handedness is also known as "sinistrality" because left-handed people were once thought to be demons.

4: Someone who hates everything is called a Misomaniac.

5: The word, "Scumbag" actually means "used condom".

6: Thanatophobia, the fear of losing someone you love.

7: Someone who is single but doesn't feel that they have to date just for the sake of it is called a Quirkyalone.

8: When you stand up too fast, the dizzy feeling is called Postural hypotension.

9: That slight feeling of joy you get from the misfortune of other people is called Epicaricacy.

10: Someone who’s very bad-tempered and grumpy is called a Curmudgeon.

11: Adjective to be idle and lazy or to waste time is Lollygag.

12: The space between buttocks is called intergluteal cleft.

13: The vertical indentation in the middle area of the upper lip is called Philtrum.

14: A person who killjoy is called a Wowser.

15: A sexually attracted muscular male is called a Studmuffin.

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