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[OPINION] 10 Reasons why you might fail to make it to the Altar with the man in your life now.

Every man appreciates and desires to date a lady with the right Physique, just as no man wants to spend on a lady with the face of an Owl. But when it is time to marry, the search goes beyond curves,straight legs and facial beauty. Here are some reasons why he will only date you.

1. Bad cook: The way to a man's heart is his stomach, stop thinking he understands your inability to make good meals,start a cooking class today. Won't you be happy to see your husband brag about your cooking prowess? If he eats out now, nothing stops him from eating out later in life. After all there is no hope of linking fingers after eating your meals. Again, be ready to share your bed with your maid if you submit the key your husband's heart to her. Remember everyone is beautiful once there is the needed care.

2. Lies: Do you think he doesn't find out? He does but only keeps quiet because he knows there is a deadline to the lies. So live a truthful life. Any man who plans to dump you will show you utmost attention till he finds the right woman. Our brain is naturally wired to socialize he can pretend all is well just to have a company. Be careful else you might be in his life on caretaker status.

3. Thinking he is madly in love with you and can't do without you: If you are in the habit of making him beg for your attention, watch it! You may have a date with heartbreak soonest. Whenever he runs into another woman who is in possession of those good qualities you parade and still appreciates him my sister your case is closed.

4.Fake life: Looking classy is not bad at all but borrowing to look classy is extremely wrong. Be real, if what you want is real love. 

5. Bringing the past into the present: Leave your ex in the past, no two men can be the same, if your ex was Mr right there won't be the present. Bringing your ex boyfriend into your present makes him look more important and valued more than your present man and it makes you look like you were cheap in your past relationship.

6. Been stingy with sorry: This five letter word can save a dangerous situation. If you are the unapologetic type and think he loves you and can never get rid of you, think again because marriage is to be enjoyed not endured. Stop giving a thousand and one reasons to make your wrong right, simply say "I'm sorry"

7. Senseless jolly good fellow: If you are only good at making him spend recklessly and hope to settle down with him kindly jettison such attitude before he counts his loss and adjust his feelings. Nobody wants to be poor, so anything that looks pathogenic for poverty will certainly be thrown overboard.

8. Never ignoring things for peace to reign : Many men like settling down with a lady they feel they can outsmart. So sister, even when you catch him telling lies, sometimes play "the fooled" it pays.

9.Early signs of hatred on his family especially his mom: No man plays with a good mom. Think about your own brother toying with your mom because of his wife. If that will sadden your heart also know it will sadden his. Accept him and his family, every reasonable man knows his wife deserves the best.

10. Allowing him to be the only one who calls for cuddling: Do you want him to feel like a king? Then don't let him be only one asking for a date. Show him you miss him, call him not only when he sends airtime.

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