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Effects Of Being Addicted To Intercourse

An article written by Clevelandclinic claims that $exual addiction is extremely harmful to both the addict and society at large. Insisting on physical closeness regardless of the time of day or other external factors characterizes those who suffer from an addiction to intercourse, making it just as genuine as substance abuse.

Yet, Clevelandclinic reports that despite the negative effects of intimacy addiction on the addict's mental health, social relationships, quality of life, and safety, the disorder is frequently misunderstood.

For medical purposes, intimacy addiction is considered to exist when it negatively impacts the addict's day-to-day life and general sense of well-being. This is because the addict may be convinced to stray from his or her regular schedule and may continue engaging in such risky behavior despite the existence of unpleasant and severe repercussions that may follow from a lack of self control.

Having a partner in which you are emotionally invested and dependent can provide some difficulties.

A lack of relatives and friends due to a lack of social activity.

Distractions at work can be detrimental to one's career and productivity.

Money problems, such as increasing wastefulness, are often associated with substance abuse.

Repercussions on health, such as unintended pregnancy or the acquisition of a $exually transmissible disease (STD) like HIV, hepatitis B or C, syphilis, or gonorrhea.

There was a sudden onset of regret, embarrassment, and despair.

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