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Ladies, Don't Rub His Mistakes On His Face, Even When He Deserves It

It's very hard for girls to see you hurting over an issue that is clearly your fault and just overlook rubbing it all over your face.

Have you ever been in a situation where you advice your man or boyfriend not to do something, or to do something and he stubbornly ignores, only for karma to ensure it backfires, at that point most people want to make statements like I warned you,look where your pride has landed you, you're so stubborn, you never listen, etc, at this point it's best you console instead of confront him, here's why;

He's already sad, and the mistake has been made, what next to do, what steps to take to remedy the situation, should be what you should concern yourself with, rather than be all bent on showing him that he deserves every bit of what he got, it's true he does, but you're his lover, you should console, not make things worse.

Next time you're in a similar situation, try to appease instead of displease, thanks for reading.

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