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How to have a happy sêx life you should know

Many things can make a person not have a happy intercourse life which some are human habits. However, intercourse, if done properly with caution can keep you fit and healthy.

Improving your intercourse life takes work and planning. This is opposite to popular belief, this doesn’t cause romance to be taken out of it. Working on your intercourse life together as a couple can be a good way to put the romance back into your relationship. In this piece in line with a publication on "Healthline", we are going to have some looks at the tips you should adopt to have a happy intercourse life.

Don’t hold on to anger

Although anger is a normal thing which we are all victims at one point

Anger is a normal part of life. Sometimes people even have angry sex. But unmanaged anger can squelch sexual desire, trust, and connectivity. It can be hard to feel tender, loving, or sexual toward someone you’re angry at.

Explore your own body

Engaging in self-gratification is a good way to endorse a happy and healthy intercourse life. It makes you know your weakness and strength during intercourse.

Don’t fake it

Most people are victims of this act. Faking your emotions or feeling towards your partner is wrong. You must be real to him or her to avoid issues.

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