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Relationship Goals and Mindset

1) Avoid Lies (Lieing is a sign of Weakness)

2) Be truthful no matter the circumstances

3) Keep communication open and frequent

4) Stay humble and honest

5) Learn to forgive and forget, it helps a lot

6) Always give room for resolving a crisis, it smoothen the relationship

7) Don't say its okay when its not, it's dangerous

8) Forget about ego and pride, they're destructive

9) Don't say sorry when you don't mean it, it's called deceit.

10) Avoid comparisons, especially your past with your present, you have a brighter future ahead of you

11) Don't talk about your ex's or exes

12) Learn to share

13) Be aware of your partner's feelings

14) Don't allow the day pass by without resolving a misunderstanding.

15) Compliments your partner at all times

16) Be compassionate

17) Be considerate

18) Don't be lazy

19) Help with the house chores

20) Remember to give your partner a gift on his special occasions.

21) No hidden secrets

22) Show your partner undying love

23) Give your partner your time and attention

24) Be happy and show them how you're for their progress

25) Celebrate your him or her

26) Make your partner happy

27) Give your partner good sex

28) Be romantic

29) Pray together with your lover

30) Go shopping together

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