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First LOVE – The most innocent love

I was in school. Heard a lot about love, romance and mushy-mushy stuff but had no clue about it. I wanted to madly fall in love..madly. It was teacher’s day party and I suddenly realized that I was falling..but where?

Yes, falling in LOVE. It’s so easy to fall in love. They say it’s not falling in love it’s rising in love. But when you are a fresh teenager you will not realise these philosophical things. You just go with the flow.

After realising that I fell in love what am I supposed to do next??

I made a plan that I will try to be present in every possible place where my so-called love is going. I tried for two days but he didn’t seem to notice me (why would he, I was simple plain Jane girl)

After my first plan failed, I was thinking about my next move. So, I thought of finding out his name, address and any other stuff. I checked with my friends about him, without knowing them I was loving him madly.

Let him call Mr.A

So Mr.A had a good physique, nice dressing sense, a modified bike and a thousand dollars smile..wait a sec,what about his nature? How he treats his family,his friends and how he treats those people who are not so fortunate like him. But who really cares when you are just a teenager.

Time was passing by and still Mr.A had had no idea that somebody was loving him so deeply (I felt that way..) I had only one concern that what am I supposed to after finishing school as it was my last year. I was disheartened but still true love never dies.(I believed so)

I realized (quite late) that I had my cousin brother as his classmate and he could help me out or rather mess up the whole thing. I had to take a chance as time was running out. So I cooked up a story and told him..

“Hey bro you know there is one girl in my class and she is madly in love with Mr.A and I cannot reveal her name as she would kill me.” (sorry I lied, but love is blind).

So by lying to my bro I asked everything about Mr.A and guess what was my first question ?

“Is Mr.A single..” (I prayed to god..yes,yes single)

And came the answer..”SINGLE”

I felt the word single was the most powerful word in any English dictionary. I was damn happy and felt no need of asking anything else. I thought I can manage the rest of my love story. I had only few days left before finishing school and we had our farewell party fixed. We had this custom in the last year of school that is of giving an autograph book (scrap-book) to our friends and classmates for our remembrance. (Autograph book-contains the likes,dislikes and personal messages sort of things)That big day came and I was excited not for the party but yes I had a plan.

I took my brother’s autograph book and madly turned the pages. Turn..turn..yes I found my gold, platinum, silver you can name any expensive thing on earth. Mr.A’s handwriting, I could feel it. As time was less so I noted down the most important detail i.e, his TELEPHONE number. School finished and still Mr.A was clueless about me.

Somehow I got the courage and messaged him.

“Hi..How are u?I have a huge crush on you.”(huger than any mountain in the world)

Within a nano second my phone rang.

Calling Mr.A

Calling Mr.A

God, will he scold me, shout at me or simply ask me my name. God please help me. If I knew that loving was such a difficult thing then I might have controlled my falling (note falling not feeling) in love. But who cares when you are in a nirvana called Love.

I answered the phone.

“Hello”(hands shaking)

Heartbeat not beat heart was racing.


“I am Mr.A. I think you already know me. May I have your name”?

“I am Ms.I.”

“So how you got my number”?said Mr.A.

I said,”now leave all these trivial issues. The thing is that I love..err like you.”

Mr.A said,”okay I know you are my friend’s sister which means you are my…” (no I cannot hear those words)

But he stopped and said,”does my friend knows that his sister is eyeing on me”?

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