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3 Signs You Have Crossed Semi-Finals In Your Relationship

As a woman knowing your stand in your man's life is very very paramount believe you me, most times when you can do some certain tasks at the front of your boyfriend it simply means you have crossed semi-finals in your relationship. Crossing semi-finals in the Nigeria context simply means that you are on your way to becoming his wife, below are 3 signs you have crossed semi-finals in your relationship:

1.) You can visit him unannounced: If you can visit your man unannounced it simply means that you have crossed the semi finals and you are into the finals already, most guys dislike it when their girlfriends visit them unannounced without prior notifications that they are coming over.

2.) You know his passwords and pins: If you know the pins or passwords to his gadgets or even to his ATM cards my sister you have crossed into the finals already, a man would hardly reveal such details to any lady that he is not sure fits into the wife category.

3.) You can leave your belongings at his place: Yes this might sound funny but believe you me when I say that if you can conveniently leave some of your belongings at your man's place without him complaining, it most likely means you are into the semi-finals as long as that relationship is concerned.

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