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Eight ways to get over someone you were in love with

When the love fades away and one loses that person he/she thought was “the one,” it can be heartbreaking.

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It can make one feel many negative emotions including sadness, loneliness, depression, and a lot more. Also, it can be one's greatest source of unhappiness, at least for the time being.

I will be sharing with you 8 ways on how to get over someone you love deeply.

1. Let your emotions out 

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It's normal to cry and feel pain. Crying gives the mind and body instant relief, as it is the body's way of releasing stress.

It is important to recognize your feelings and work through them, so they don’t become bottled up inside and cause damage.

2. Write how you feel

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Seeing your feelings down on paper can help your mind gain perspective and see things differently. It will also serve as a reminder and will help when you have moments of relapse.

3. Realize that you can’t do anything about it anymore.

The more you fight the fact that the relationship is over, the worse you will feel. If you continue to resist the breakup, you will not be able to move on. When you learn to accept the breakup with grace, you will begin to heal and gain emotional strength, which will eventually lead to happiness.

4. Do not hold on to anger and blame

Most people tend to start off by blaming someone else for their pain. Your ex did something wrong, or betrayed you in some way, you demand an apology. When you don’t get the apology or recognition from tthem, you are left with anger and no feeling of resolution, which hurts you even more than it hurts the other person.

Anger and blame help to make the healing process much longer. 

5. Cut all possible communications with your ex-lover

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One example is social media. Don’t allow yourself the temptation to look at their profile and see what they’re up to, and don’t post things on social media with the intent of making your ex jealous. Simply block them, so there is no contact.

Seeing what they are up to all the time is only opening the emotional wound over and over again.

6. Find comfort in the company of your family and friends.

Spend time with the people who have known you the longest. Not only can these people help comfort you, but they will also remind you of who you are and where you came from. They will help you start fresh.

7. Engage in physical exercise and outdoor activities.

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According to experts, one of the best ways to move on and get over a breakup with someone you love is to keep yourself busy with other things. Engaging in exercise or other similar activities releases hormones and a lot of other health benefits that will make you feel good.

8.Take time to love yourself

When we go through a heartbreaking separation, it’s easy to blame ourselves and believe that we just weren’t good enough for them or the relationship.

A little of self-love and pampering are great ways to both lift the funk of a failed relationship and give you the mental clarity to find yourself a new and better relationship.

These are some tips you can take that will help you move in a positive direction.

Thanks for reading.

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