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Five Good Reasons To Believe Your Husband Is Cheating

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This article will be more sweetable for married people but then if you are a woman that stays with a man who is not your husband for whatever reasons, then you may find this article helpful as well.

Marriage is like an endless journey that begins the moment you said Yes” to your man. Sometimes there are break points and circumstances that hinders the marriage and one of the most devilish hindrance is cheating.  

Cheating is identified as the biggest cause of many fail marriages, sadly it has become a norm in our society these days. Is either the man cheats or the woman cheats; I have heard, so many times that men cheats the most in any relationship but there is really no gender that “cheats the most” we all cheat and that's that. 

For the sake of this article, I'm going to point out some signs that can tell you when your husband is cheating.

five (5) signs your husband shows when he is cheating. 

1. Sudden change in certain behaviors : As a good wife, you are supposed to know almost everything about your husband, from the way he eats, Dress, talk, walk etc if you notice any sudden changes in these behaviors then know he might just be doing all that to impress someone else. Man tends to change certain behaviors like their mood of dressing or even style of hair cut when ever they meet a new lady and wants to appear appealing enough for her. It may also be that, the lady who your husband is cheating with has a different taste of fashion and has suggested he change it for her. So if you notice your husband changing his dressing style or hair cut then you should definitely note this. 

 2. Emotional / Physical Distancing : Is your husband suddenly distancing himself from you ? Does he shun conversation with you when ever you bring them up, how often does he go out with you ? Does he hold your hands or grab you the way he used to do ? Emotional & Physical distancing Is one of the major signs of infidelity in both men and women because it's usually hard to be emotional entangled with someone else whiles you betray your spouse. 

Many people can't just cope with the guilt of cheating, so they create this kind of spaces between their selves and their spouse. Moreover, avoiding your wife physically or emotionally saves you from being detected and the feeling of emotion entitlement becomes vain, there by giving you the courage to cheat comfortably. 

3. Secretiveness: Does your lover suddenly starts saying nothing when you ask him what's wrong ? Does he have password on his phone? These are some signs that shows he is probably cheating, the moment you notice he has started hiding things from you just jot it in your mind that he might be cheating. 

4. You don't just see him around anymore: Is your husband always away on a business trip ? Does he come back home late often times? Is he always in business meeting and can't talk on phone with you ? Is he the honey I will call you back later” type? Did he suddenly develop habits of going out to friends hangout or going to gym etc ? You don't need Jesus Christ to tell you this is a sign before you believe it. 

Most time this extracurricular activities of his can mean that he is actually spending time with his mistress somewhere else. When men cheat they suddenly bring up silly excuse to go out of the house just so that they can spend time with the other woman. Initially, the mistress just appreciates any time he creates for them but as they become more emotionally attached, she will start demanding for more time till when he starts considering divorcing you. 

5. Unexplained romance behaviors : This one is mostly unnoticed by many women. So your usually stingy husband all of a sudden started buying you gifts for no reasons and you are happy ? My sister you need to check well because he might be cheating.

Many men feel pressured by guilt when ever they cheat, so to relief their selves from that pressure they will start buying unnecessary gifts for their wives or just give her money, anything to make her happy. By doing this, they will feel justified when they cheat and will give you the impression that they love you, so you will not suspect them. 

I believe I have summarized some major signs that shows your husband is cheating. If you have any questions, you can ask in the comment section below I will be more than happy to reply the first 50 questions. 

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