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5 dating mistakes you make that can lead to an unsuccessful relationship

Dating or getting in a relationship is not as easy as it seems, as it takes some kind of skills to get the required result. Just like everything else, there are some rules that one might need to follow to in the art of dating if he is to succeed.

However, not all guys know these rules and most of them end up complaining of how they fail to get the attention of the girl they like.

In this article, I will be discussing with you some mistakes guys make that makes getting the attention of the ladies they desire very difficult.

1. You're are always afraid to say how you feel

Writing yourself off even before approaching a lady is nowhere a good thing to do. Every one is desirable, all you need is just confidence and acceptance.

Some guys always assume that girls wouldn't like them for reasons best known to them, and will instead be beating around the bush instead of going straight to the point in telling her how they feel.

Furthermore, some guys also always assume the worst outcome even before something happens, therefore they miss out on great times in relationships. One shouldn't be scared to tell a woman how he feels, as the worst that could be happen is a rejection. In any case, you move on!

2. You apologise for everything.

You see, apologising is the right thing to do when you hurt someone and not when you feel like saying it. Some guys literally beg for emotions and always try to appear polite even when being a little tough wouldn't harm.

Apologizing for everything just because you don't want to sound rude is not usually the best, as it makes you look less attractive since a woman would be gaining control over you. And besides, it would make your apology less significant if you say it too often.

3. You always allow her to decide

You see, girls always expect guys to take the lead when they are in a relationship, and when a guy appears clueless, it becomes difficult. Due to your little knowledge in the relationship game, you might think it is only polite and romantic to let girls decide. You ask questions like " Where do you want us to go this weekend?" Or " What do you want us to do this weekend?". In most cases, girls don't have any answers to give to those questions because they expect you to come up with an interesting way to spend time together.

4. You try to impress her with your knowledge

Well, you might be quite knowledgeable and you can also be a nerd, who is tempted to show off his knowledge of all the facts in the world, but the problem is that girls are not always interested. When a girl decides to spend time with you, the only thing she expects is a good time and not hours of lectures.

5. You compliment her too much

There's nothing wrong with complimenting a woman, but when you do it very often on every occasion, she might think that is the only thing you know how to say to a lady and you don't have anything serious to offer. And besides, she has been told a thousand times that she is pretty by other guys. So you need to be more unique in your own way.

All you need is confidence and being able to accept yourself first before you a lady can accept you.

Thanks for reading this piece, and please don't forget to share and comment.

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