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5 Things Women Hate but Won’t Tell You

I know you want to have a successful and satisfying relationship or marriage with women, you don’t want to have unnecessary drama or fights with your woman, to achieve this you would need to know the things that women hate but won’t tell you, so that you can avoid those things.

The main reason why women won’t tell you these things that they hate, is because they won’t want to appear as overly bearing or too demanding, to you. They won’t want to start listing the things you should and shouldn’t do for them, so that you won’t start seeing them as being problematic.

In this article, I will be showing you five things that women hate but won’t tell you.

1.      They hate it when you play with too many women

It’s normal to have other women as friends, but it shouldn’t be too much. Women genuinely hate it when you have the habit of playing with too many women, they would start seeing you as being immature and unserious, they might even stop taking your words serious, just because you’re playing with too many other women. So, as a man, you need to pay attention to this area of your life, so that you won’t annoy your woman because of this simple thing.

2.      They hate it when you keep secrets from them

Why should you be keeping secrets away from your woman? Is it that you don’t trust her enough or you just don’t care about her? These are the questions that women ask themself whenever they realize that their man is keeping secrets from them. You need to know that you have to become an open book, when you’re in a relationship, you can’t be keeping secrets from your woman.

3.      They hate it when you take them for granted

This might come in different forms, it might be because you don’t consider their opinions, or because you’re always pointing out their errors. If you have the habit of doing any of those, your woman might assume that you’re taking her for granted, and that’s something that women hate but won’t tell you.

4.      They hate it when you make jokes about their friends

Women might tell you this expressly, but it’s one of the things that they really hate. Women value their friends a lot, they don’t joke with their friends, so they hate it when you make jokes about their friends, or try to make their friends look bad.

5.      They hate it when you compare them with other women

Why should you be comparing your woman to someone else? They are very different people. Women won’t say it to you, but they genuinely hate it when you compare them with other women, it makes them feel like they are not doing enough.

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