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Ladies, Checkout That One Trait That Qualifies You To Be A Wife

You are a wife before you get married, not after you get married. That's why the Bible said, he that finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favour from God.

The Bible didn't say he that finds a woman or a girl friend, no! It said he that finds a wife. That means you are a wife before you became a wife.

And what makes a woman a wife?


You know, I have sat down and asked myself; Why are some marriages blessed and some are not?

Why is that some people will get married and doors of favour will open to them and some will get married and is like things got worse?

The Lord referred me to this verse;

He that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from God.

The reason why some people's marriage are blissful, it's because they obtained favour from God as a result of a wife that the man found.

And the reason why some marriages are in shambles are as a result of marrying a woman.

Instead of a wife, they marry a beautiful girl

Instead of a wife, they marry a working class lady.

Instead of a wife, they marry a church goer,

Instead of a wife etc.

A lot of men don't marry a wife. And that's why their marriages are in trouble.

He said son, if you want to obtain favour from the Lord in your marriage, go find a wife. Take your eyes off this beautiful girls, look for a wife.

When you find one, marry her and my favour will rest on you.

And the same thing goes to the ladies. She that marries a husband not he that marries a fine boy, or a rich man or a boyfriend bButa husband. 

So ladies, look for a husband!

Guys look for a wife!

You are a WIFE before You get MARRIED!!

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