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11 Mistakes Lonely Women Make

There are seven categorical reasons some women have difficulties finding and loving a mate. These have evolutionary and biological roots that divide the gender in behavioral proclivities. I am not saying, this is what women should do, or have to do to get a man. What I am saying is "these are general things that some women tend to do, and men tend to take exception to, and why they do." Here are the 11 areas.

1. Asking men to define your relationship

Never ask a man to define your relationship, because it is idiotic and annoying. If you have to ask if you are in a relationship, the answer is obviously, no.

2. Being too clingy

All humans fear intimacy. When another person moves toward you, the brain’s default response is to move away for safety. Clinginess is invasive, threatening, annoying, suspect, and extremely unattractive.

3. Enquiring about their looks

Women lose confidence when they are lonely. They feel someone left them because of their looks. Even the models get worried when dumped for one reason or another. Asking a man about your looks is not recommended.

4. Providing too much information about yourself

These days there are so many social networking and dating sites that help you to find people that match your interests by disclosing them in your profile. Disclosing too much information about yourself can adversely effect you and is not safe.

5. Being too picky

Again, often due to social networking sites, we sometimes get to know a person in advance of meeting them. Some people get hung up on music taste, height, income, and looks. Try not judge the person prematurely. So stop being so picky and give a person a chance to prove his inner strengths and worth.

6. Being judgmental

Such behavior tends to magnify even the smallest of flaws and eventually the guy is rejected. Stop being judgmental or you will soon run out of men. Nobody is perfect, even you have some flaws.

7. Settling for “good enough

Yes, it’s frustrating to kiss so many frogs with no signs of Prince Charming in sight. But that doesn’t mean you should give up, thinking the next interested guy who comes around will do. Love presents itself when least expected, and you don’t want to be stuck in a position that may sabotage a promising opportunity. You deserve the real deal; believe that. Until then, work on yourself and discover the things that will feed your soul.

8. Desperation

Women tend to develop a desperation mindset when they are lonely. They feel like no one values them in life. They try to do different things to get attention. Women in this state often get to the point of hunting for men who can do one or two things for them.

9. Stalking an old flame.

You just got out of a relationship a month ago and are wondering whatever happened to “the one that got away.” Now, you’re scouring social media to see what he’s up to, obsess over his pictures and uncover his relationship status. Let’s be real. You’re not ready for love again, you’re just lonely. And although it’s only natural to miss the idea of being in love; give your heart and mind a break.

10. Equating money for love.

Money has strong power and influence in the world today and unfortunately the power and influence of money has slowly but surely crept into our relationships. Women now easily equate money for love, which shouldn’t be so. The fact that a man is spending his money on you doesn’t necessarily mean he loves you. But a lot of women fall for men who splash the cash and claim to be in love, until disaster happens.

11. Thinking you need to be in a relationship to be happy.

Pressure on today’s woman is extremely high, and women who reach a certain age and aren’t married or at least in a relationship, tend to face a lot of ridicule, which push many into wrong relationships and marriages. Many single ladies believe they can only truly be happy when they are in a relationship or married. But this is a flawed thinking, and you can only find true happiness from within.

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