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5 Signs She Likes You.

There are some things a lady can never tell you expect she loves you, and you might be noticing such, but you don't know. So I will be letting you know what a lady can share with you if only she loves you;

1. Her Age: if you notice young girls hardly tell their ages to outsiders, they can share a lot of things with you but not their age. They don't like telling it to people because they think that you might use it to utilize against them, or people will see them as excessively youthful or excessively old, so if a young lady can share her age with you, that shows that she so much loves you because she can't share that with others. 

2. She will inform you concerning somebody who is Asking her out: not everything ladies do share with everyone, but you might notice that your female friend who's coming to your house will just tell you that someone stopped me on the way and he started asking me out, or she will show you a picture of a guy that the guy is disturbing her begging her to be his girlfriend, such lady has feelings for you. That's one of those signs that a lady likes you, that's why she was sharing such to you. 

3. Her family foundation: if you notice. Women don't like telling people about their family foundation, when you see a beautiful lady well-prepared, you will think that she's from a rich home. Only if she tells you about her family that you might know how she does survive. Only a lady who likes you will tell you about her family foundation. 

 When a lady makes such statements, accept it as a sign that she loves you because if she doesn't love you, she won't open up or tell you all this.

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