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Five Ways to Know if your Partner's Bestie of the Opposite Gender is a Threat to your Relationship

Nowadays, as most people find it difficult to approach their opposite gender, they've adopted the habit of turning them into their bestie. This way, it's much easier for them to later express their feelings or get what they want.

Guys and ladies are now using this strategy to keep multiple side partners.

Bestie is a word coined from the word, "Best." Best is the superlative of good. Synonyms of good are: dear, important, dependable, adorable, proficient, respectful, secure, safe, beneficial etc.

Now your partner and their bestie probably share a remarkable understanding and sometimes they will run to each other to discuss what they can't discuss with you. They love you but probably understand each other more.

If you're lucky your partner's bestie will tell them how to love you more; if you are not, they will never speak anything to your favour.

Imagine that you're doing something wrong in your relationship and your partner is going to report you to their bestie. What this means is that, you are probably still in the relationship at the mercy of your partner's bestie. Sad huh? Yeah!

So Here are Ten Ways To Know if Your Partner's Bestie is a Threat to Your Relationship.

1. They share deep secrets with their bestie.

If your partner shares deep secrets with their bestie which they didn't even share with you, then something is not right. This means that your partner trusts their bestie more with their secrets.

2. They play with their bestie so affectionately in your presence.

It's somehow cool if your partner introduces their bestie to you but again it's not, because now they can play in your presence feeling like you already know they're just besties.

This is sad, especially if your partner doesn't play with you that way.

3. When you feel like your partner is happier or has a happier conversation with their bestie.

Imagine if your partner is dull around you, not being able to hold a long deep conversation with you but they easily do that with their bestie.

4. When your partner would rather run to their bestie for help then consult you later.

It's really sad when your partner would rather feel comfortable going to their bestie first when they needed something.

5. When your partner tends to find a way to spend time with their bestie and create an excuse when they have to spend time with you.

This sign is clear enough. It's just like your partner prefers the company of their bestie more than yours.

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