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"Dark skinned girls don't marry on time and don't get favours" find out why these women say this.

Bleaching now goes by a whole range of names ,whitening, toning,cleansings and so on anything to make it sound less dangerous and harmful. A married man recently came out to lay a complain, he wrote to "Joro" because he was in need of advice. He pointed out that he was dark skinned and his wife was light skinned, he presently has 3 kids and his second child, his daughter is dark skinned the other two children took after their mother and are both light skinned. He said that he noticed his wife doesn't favour his dark skinned daughter and is always shouting at her. From January he noticed his daughter started turning light skinned, he got to know that his wife was actually bleaching his daughter when he found a bleaching cream in his wife's room and his daughter smells of the cream. He told us that his daughter was below the age of 7.

Well he confronted his wife and she got upset saying dark skinned girls don't get favours and dark skinned girls dont marry on time and he said that his wife's mother is also in support of his wife's action.

After posting this another woman made a comment to air her own view, she said light skinned women get the best husband and there is nothing wrong with bleaching your daughters skin and she said that she has been bleaching her children since they were age 10. She also added that men prefer light skinned women and she still said that light skin women get the best husbands.

So I really need your opinions here, do light skinned ladies really get the best husbands and do dark skinned ladies really don't get favours or marry on time?

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