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Husband and wife relationship

Couples Only: 5 Reasons Why Regular Love Making Is Important In Your Marriage

Marriage is a covenant between two people who have vowed to be committed to each other, be accountable to each other, and love each other. So, if there's love in marriage, automatically there will be love-making.

After marriage, the only way to consummate your marriage is by coming together, the husband and wife, to become one flesh. Many marriages have failed because of the lack of lovemaking and all the benefits that come along with it. Some wives have deprived their husbands of lovemaking over and over that even the man has stopped demanding. Do not make this mistake and learn out of many, five reasons why 'regular' lovemaking is important in marriage:

1. It is an expression of love and intimacy

When you look at the five love languages, physical touch is one of them. The importance of physical touch is not talked about enough. Lovemaking tells the other person that you love and care about them. It strengthens your love for one another.

2. It relieves stress and tension

After the honeymoon phase, the real work of marriage begins. Both parties have to do their part to keep the marriage afloat financially. But it can get stressful sometimes, it may cause tension sometimes and love-making is that one thing that assures couples that they're still on the same page and that it'll get better.

3. It'll help you learn more about your weakness and capability

This is especially for the wife as it is quite harder to get a woman in the mood. In the female body, there are certain parts that when touched, can trigger or make her instantly horny. These are the things you'll learn when you have made love regularly as a couple.

4. It makes the petty fights go away

In times when you're angry with each other because of a discord or disagreement, lovemaking will help you forgive each other easily.

5. It has many health benefits

It helps your immune system, boosts your libido, lowers your blood pressure, also counts as exercise, lowers heart attack risk, lessens pain, makes prostate cancer highly unlikely, improves sleep, and so on.

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