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Ladies, 4 Mistakes You Should Never Make In A Relationship No Matter How Much You Love A Guy

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Most single ladies, out of desperation for marriage, are blinded by the love they have for their lover, causing them to make one mistake or the other without them knowing what it will cost them later on in the future.

It is fine to love a guy, but loving him blindly is not a good idea. In this article, we will be discussing four mistakes ladies shouldn't make in a relationship. And I will advise you to read till the end.

No matter the love you have for a guy, there are certain lines you shouldn't cross with him all because you think you love him or you want the both of you to get married.

Please, remember that marriage is a lifetime journey, so don't the mistake of rushing into what you will regret for the rest of your life.


If he promised to marry you so that you will do what makes him happy, don't make such a mistake.

A man who loves you will not ask you to drink alcohol or smoke with him. After he has messed with your life, he will go for another young lady.


Abortion, in case you don't know, abortion is very dangerous. Consistent abortion can damage your womb and deprive you of giving birth in the future.

If he keeps impregnating you and ask you to abort the child, please don't make such a mistake because he won't be there when you start suffering it.


Don't follow him to different types of nightclubs, such as hotels, bars, and many others all because you love him or he promised to marry you. Please don't ever fall for this trick.

A man who truly loves you won't allow you to do all those things.


Single ladies, if he promised to marry you and asked you to come and live with him in his house, please don't make such a mistake. He could still dump you for another lady tomorrow.

If he claims he loves you and wants to marry you, he should go and do the necessary things. If he insists that you live with him, ask him if he would allow his sister to live with a man she isn't married to?

If there is anything you want to add to this article, please do that by using the comment section below. And you can as well ask your questions if you have any.

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