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Here Are Ways To Know You Have Supportive Friends.

Great friendship, builds on honesty, and speaks from the heart with good intentions. They tell you what you need to hear in a way that you can listen to rather than gossip behind your back. Friends are a set of people or persons that have you at heart always notwithstanding the situation.

They believe in you and should have your back always when and where necessary. Friendship is the bond without a relationship and it is super amazing when you find this set of people. A lot of youth are building on fake friendships and that is why people no longer believe and give in genuine friendships. Commitment should be offered on the table of friendship and not just relationships. Genuine friends don’t judge, they are considerate, thoughtful, caring, and generous. Trust me when I say friendships make life meaningful and more colorful and it is good for our health and make us feel relaxed in major situations. They are numerous characteristics of good friends.

Here Are 3 Signs You Have Supportive And Genuine Friends.

1. They Are Caring And Trust Worthy: Genuine and supportive friends and are concerned about things going on and around your life, your opinion, interest, and plans are important to them. They also try as much as they can to be there for you, a lot of us feel being caring is just financial help from friends but there's a lot more to caring than finance. If they don’t hear from you they'd pick up phones and check on you to be sure you are fine, they understand that care is beyond money. Trusting someone doesn't come easy but if your friends are trustworthy you should love them right because they would never believe other people over you instead they'd ask to know your part of the story and also trust your decisions about things. Quality friends are trustworthy, not only are your secrets safe with them, but so are your weakness, fear, and weirdness. This is one true definition of genuine and supportive friendship.

2. They Don’t Judge: They Don’t Judge: Judging others can have negative emotional well-being. supportive friends always try to tell you the truth and not judge you, humans make mistakes and no one is perfect, this they totally agree with, supportive friends understand that they have to make you feel comfortable to speak to them about anything, knowing that you won't be judged but they'd give you their opinions on it. Even when you are on the wrong path they know how to talk to you without judging knowing that you've got feelings too and may feel terrible and uncomfortable for being judged.

Practice words of affirmation instead of judging.

3. They Celebrate Your Little Winning And Help During Your Set Backs: They aren’t jealous of you, genuine friends are always there during your ups and downs in life and all endeavors. They don't laugh at you when you are in your downtime rather you get support and do not try to get information to use to mock you.

They know how to celebrate you and comfort you when necessary and make you stand to your feet when needed. Jealousy isn’t and shouldn't be an attribute of genuine friendships. Jealous friends are toxic and if you want to know supportive and genuine friendships they don’t get angry or jealous at whatever you do successfully because they know "A win for you is a win for them".

Summary. Be a genuine friend then you'd also attract your kind, show love and support to people around you it is very necessary.

If your friends don't exhibit the following qualities but negative vibes, use the exit door.

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