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Firstborn Of Any Family Who Is Above 27 But Yet To Marry, Please Do This Now

This world we find ourselves is a world of war and that is one of the reasons why we must prepare for serious battle, the battle we are to fight is not a battle of AK47 riffles or armor tank, it is a battle of the unseen so we need spiritual things to empower ourselves and that is what this article is offering. All first born of the family who is above 27 years of age but finding it real hard to succeed in life should please read carefully. 

As a first born, you are the head and not the tail, When your parents are not at home, you are the parent to your younger ones. Spiritually, the firstborn is the first to receive attack because once he or she is down, others will fall too. I never expected firstborn of family to be poor but the war he is to face are first hand war. 

However, not all poor first born of the family are under spiritual a attack, most of firstborn seems to be a bit arrogant, they want to inherit the little property of their parent hereby failing to work. 

One of the reason you have to prayer these prayer seriously is because of your younger ones, if you lose the battle to poverty they lose too. If you parents are old and retired and they could no longer send your junior one to school, and you, the man of the family can't afford to send them, them poverty will be dwelling I'm your family. 

If you are above 27 years of age and you are the number one of your family and you didn't have a house, car or planning to get any of those anytime soon, please go and get some salt and a cup of water and a cube of sugar. Make a round circle with the salt, put the cube sugar in the cup of water put on white clothes, stand in the circle with water (sugar inside) in front of you, ask for forgiveness of sins then say these prayers. 

Jehovah, you made me first son or daughter in my family, My Heavenly Father please visit me and change my condition for good in Jesus name. O Lord that made me first born, repair every damages that have been done to my life spiritual in the name of Jesus. O God that made me first son, show me the source of my problems, in the name of Jesus. 

Father, everyone needs water, both old and young cannot do without it, water is a friend to every body, Jehovah make a water so people will not be able to do without me. Father turn every bitterness of my life to sweetness in jesus name, no one put sugar in mouth and spit away, Lord let my life be sweet in Jesus name. I am standing in a circle made of salt, Father let my life sweet like salt in Jesus name. I declare my self the head and not the tail in the mighty name of Jesus. AMEN. 

NOTE: After the prayer, read psalm 23 and 28 in the water and drink. Pack the salt and bury it under the ground or pour it in a flowing river. 

Remember, Heavens helps ONLY those who help themselves so get a job or find something doing and God will make you the HEAD bad not the TAIL in Jesus Name. 

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