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Some Hidden Truths One Should Know About Dreadlocks

Two heads are always better than one. My people let's talk about Dada.

 Earlier today I came across a post Tittle DADA and AFRICA by #odah #Ebubechukwu #Nelson.this phrase in particular got my attention.

"But the fact remains that non is born with a matted or locked hair that cannot be combed. The fact remains that when you have the infants hair uncombed Dada will surface,yes non is born naturally that way when you comb an infant his or her hair Dada will never see them,they will never become Dada..incredible!!!

First I wanted to convince myself DAT there is an hidden fact there..BT it was hard to believe this..I now went out to ask some the explanation my mom gave was nt enough..

She smiled and said nwam I gaghi aghota..said the old woman in my area, she were old and have difficulties in hearing ..she explained DAT Dada is not ordinary, it is believed that when the hair of a Dada child is combed or cut, the child would fall very sick and could even die.Apart from the mother of a Dada no other person must touch the hair of those children, if any other person mistakenly touches the hair,he or she must give money to the child or tie a cowry to their locks to prevent them from failling ill.

She went further to explain so many other thing regarding a Dada child to me and also indicate so many children in my area who are victim because of their parents ignorance. Which I myself have witness some..

My question now is u reading this what do u have to say.what do u know about Dada children?

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