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Pregnancy period

Reactions After The Pregnancy Photo Shoots Of Couple Was Shared Online

Being pregnant and having a child is what a lot of women envisage. In fact, out of 100 women at least 95 percentage of them will be willing to have a child of their own. No wonder, the prayer against barrenness is always given out in spiritual houses. But, some people tends to share the pictures of their baby bump when they are finally pregnant. Perhaps they are doing it in bid to keep records but as of late, it has become a trend for women to have a photoshoot section while they are in their pregnancy stage.

As a matter of fact, some had taken it beyond doing it themselves as they are now inviting their spouses to also feature in some of these photographs and that's the case of these couples. I was just checking through my Opera news homepage when I saw the maternity photographs of these couples.

The photoshoot speaks volume of how the man loved the wife as they were pictured together in what looks like an happy moment. They were smiling at themselves as they take those photos and the man was clad in a brown chinos trouser while the wife slayed well in her bikini. Below are some of the pictures:

However, reactions has trailed the photographs of these couples as a lot of people seems to be against the idea of having a maternity or pregnancy photo shoot. Although, some people seems to be in support of the photoshoot but they are just against the idea of doing it without enough clothes. Below are some of the reactions:

What say you of these photographs? Do you think the couples were right to have done the photoshoot in that manner?

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