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Tips to Help You Attract the Lady You Have Feelings for

Having feelings for a lady who doesn't seem to notice you can be painful. Most importantly, when you see her getting attached to others. When you find yourself in this situation, you may think of what you could do to make her notice that you have feelings for her.

The first thing you will want to do is to tell her about how you feel. Although this is good but the truth is, her answer to you may not be favorable because she has the right to say either no or yes. The fact that you don't want to hear "no" as an answer from her can make you start thinking of other ways you can use to make her accept you.

If you know how to make her see you as an attractive person, she may not be able to turn you down when you go to tell her how you feel about her.

Below are tips that can make you attract her and make her have feelings for you.

1. Be in her circle of friends. Look for a way to get close to her through her friends. Be friends with her female friends. You can use any method that will work for you. If her friends bought something, you can offer to pay. If any of her friends needs assistance, offer help without asking something special. From there, you can start greeting her friends. When she sees you with her friends, she may consider you as her friend too. When next you see her walking alone, you can go to her as though you want to ask her about the other one you use to walk with. Then make it look like you are going her way. Be friendly and don't rush to make any funny move. You can offer to buy things for her, maybe snacks as the two of you walk down.

2. Show care for children and pets. Some ladies need men who are caring. Show how caring you are by helping or giving things to the children around if you go to visit her. Buy things for them.

3. Create interest in what she likes. Closeness can increase love between the two of you. So try to pick interest in those things she likes doing. This will create an avenue where the two of you can easily see each other most often. If she likes going to the library to read, start going there to ready and try to read together. She will start seeing you as her friend and she may even start asking you if you will be going to read the following day.

4. Show care to other people. Some ladies will want to be sure that you are caring and that you are not just being caring to them alone. When you care for others, she may see it as your true nature and begin to have interest in you.

5. Be humorous. Try to be jovial when you are with her. Some ladies like men who are not too serious about life. Being funny can make her become fond of you because she will love being around you.

6. Tell her how you feel about her. If you have carefully do any of the above and you are now sure that she now sees you as one of her best friends. Maybe you even sense that she is now in love with you. You can tell her how you feel about her. She will likely accept because you have made your way into her heart to the point that she may not want to imagine a future without you.

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