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Opinion: Avoid Ladies With These 6 Characters Especially If You Plan To Marry

A lot of people don't really pay attention to their parents before proceeding with marriage plans. Some do, but are not very sensitive to as deduce or rightfully come to a conclusion on the type or kind of person their partners are. There are quite a number of behaviors that when attributed or are seen in a, they are to be looked into. Below is a list of such bad behaviors that one should take note before marrying a lady.

1. Greetings

Trust me, when the lady you wish to spend the rest of your life doesn't greet especially your family, or your friends, it is really something you should look into.

2. Carelessness

Of course wether make or female, no one wants to be associated with a carelessness. It is typical of what the lady will do when you eventually get married to her carelessness over food, clothes or even your children as the case may be.

3. Laziness

This is closely related with carelessness. A lady who is carelessness should be considered before marriage. Yes you may have the money and all that, but it won't just speak good of your marriage.

4. Rude nature

When your fiancee or girl friend is rude, there are already preexisting rifts in your home. She will tend to listen to no one but what comes to head.

5. Neatness

This is one area a lot of people overlook before getting married to a lady. It will affect virtually all areas of your marriage, even love making and romance which is supposed to be at least one of the most enjoyable aspect of your marriage life.

6. Family History

This is very much different from considering the background of the lady in question. It has nothing to do with how rich or poor her family is. History of diseases, witchcraft, child death or curses should be known before tying the knot with the love of your life.

When you notice any of these, work towards changing them.

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