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4 Places Women Love To Hold Their Men In Public

Women most times always love to hold their men either in public or private, they tend to this as a sign of love or probably because they want to feel protected and cared for. Below are 4 places that women love to hold their men:

1.) Beards: You just notice that no matter how small a man's beards are his woman would always still want to hold unto them and play with them a little bit, women are generally attracted to guys with facial hairs and love to hold it also.

2.) Biceps: Another place that women love to hold their men is on their biceps either when walking in public or even conversing with him in private, I have noticed that most women love holding their man's biceps.

3.) His neck: Women always love to wrap their hands around their man's neck whenever they are with him, when they do this they tend to feel more in tune and aligned with him.

4.) His hands: I think this should be the most common place that almost every woman love to hold their guys on, women love holding their guys hands because asides making them feel protected it makes them feel wanted also.

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