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8 Sure Signs He Truly Loves You

Often times, ladies wonder if their partner really love them. No surprise though, love is something we all desire, especially from someone we have affection for.

 Your partner might have told you many times that he loves you, but you may not be confident enough about this.

 Well, let's look at 8 signs that confirms that your partner truly loves you.

1. He Makes You A Priority

A man who truly love you will make time for you. He will make you a priority. When you are with him, he won't be restless, or nibbling with his phone. He'll give you his full attention, he values every moment spent with you.

This may be one of the deepest signs that he really loves you. It is a strong sign that love is present.

2. His Words Will Match His Actions

You've definitely heard him say the three magic words: "I love you", a number of times. For some men, there's no meaning attached to it, those are just mere empty words. On the other hand, some actually mean it.

Love is not just for mere saying, there are actions that shows one is in love. If a man does nothing about his love, he hasn't even made any single sacrifice for you, it proves he does not love you. If a man cheats on you, you should not even think twice. If he really loves you, he'll act what he says, it's actions that portray love.

3. He Will Show You Off

When a man loves a woman, he talks about her. By so doing, people around him get to know about her.

He'll make you meet the people he values (friends and family). He will even involve you in formal activities (events & outings) , because he'll already be trying to integrate you into the family even before you tie the knot.

If he avoids meeting his friends & family with you, it might mean that someone else is in the picture.

4. He Will Remember Things You Shared With Him About Yourself

When you are together with your man, you definitely share details with him. Imagine you ask your man a tiny detail you've shared with him and he can't even remember.

A man who loves you will remember details you've shared with him. This is because you're always in his heart, and he thinks about you.

If you have to always keep reminding him of some vital details, them he may not really be in love with you.

5. He Shows You His Vulnerable Side

One of the signs a man lives you is that he let's you in beyond the external barrier. This is very difficult for a lot of men.

Men are generally not in touch with their emotions as women are, and they don't usually find it comfortable sharing them. But if a man loves you, you'll see his vulnerable side.

6. His Interest In You Is Not Solely Sexual

Relationships often involve a lot of passion and excitement, which might be confused for real love.

The early passionate, physical relationship experienced by many couples may be lust.

If your partner is doing just enough to get into bed, it shows that he does not really love you. Your relationship should be more than just a physical one. There should be more to a relationship than sex.

7. He Makes Efforts To Fix Relationship Problems, Or Change His Behaviour For The Better:

We won't ignore the challenges often encountered in relationships as conflict is a normal part of life, and a common element in human relationships.

How does your partner handle relationship issues? Does he constantly push them aside and avoid dealing with them! Or he does not admit when there are issues.

It might be that he lacks emotional maturity, and it might also indicate that he does not love you. So he doesn't even put in any real effort to resolve conflicts in your relationship. A man that loves you will put effort into strengthening your relationship. He will discuss your relationship issues with you. If necessary, he will make changes to his behaviour for the good of the relationship.

8. He Wants To Have A Future With You In It

If your partner sees a future with you, he'll subtly ask questions related to it. Someone who loves you will include you in their future plans.

You'll know when he subtly mentions it. He talks about vacations you might take someday. He includes you in his plans. You'll see signs that he pictures you in his future.

However, if he doesn't put you in any of his plans, it might just be a sign that he isn't really in love with you.

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