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5 Simple steps to build trust in your relationship.

So many relationships have gone through series of breakups due to jealousy. But most importantly, due to lack of trust.

In a relationship, we must first understand that every party has a part to play. As Emma is working on his jealousy and temperament so also is Sandra working on her jealousy and communications issue.

Now, what is trust?

According to google, trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something

This means that trust in its total form is just an ingredient in the relationship.

So as you are working on trust, also ensure you are working on all other issues such as communication, temperament and other things that will affect trust itself.

Now let's talk about building trust.

In building trust in your relationship, you must do the following:

Build communication

You have to build great communication between you and your partner. You have to ensure that nothing is kept a secret between the both of you.

Try to always communicate the latest details and never stop talking about your dislikes. Also, ensure you encourage each other with words and never stop expressing how you feel.

Define every external relationship

for every external relationship that might affect your relationship, try and set boundaries and never stop defining it at every point in time.

Always let your partner know he/she is safe and nothing can come between both of you.

Never keep secret from your partner

Things such as phone passwords, new friends, latest ideas should not be kept a secret from your partner.

Never look at your partner's phone without their consent.

To build trust, you have to start practising it, you have to believe that your partners love you and nothing will or is happening.

You have to trust them enough, don't go out looking at their devices when they are out of reach, stop snooping on them with the mind of catching them doing something you wouldn't like.

Lastly, stay away from anything or anyone that will hurt your partner.

This defines itself, ensure you stay away from anyone or anything that will make your partner doubt your feeling for him or her.

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