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Common Phobias(Fears)In Children That Parents Should Watch Out For

These are common phobias in children. We can help our child all the way possible by staying informed. These things are real, and sometimes we wonder why our kids act the way they do without really knowing what they are going through. We judge them. We criticize them. We fight them. So that they can be better than us, but maybe that's not the right way to help them.

Phobia is an anxiety disorder characterized by extreme and irrational fear of simple things or social situations.


Fear of the dark doesn't always concern darkness itself, it can be a fear of danger that a person believes darkness could pose. A degree of it is natural in kids. But nyctophobia is an irrational fear of the dark and it can be caused by; 

Indulging in horror contents

Witnessing very offensive actions e.t.c

The brain makes a wrong perception of horrible things that would or could happen in a dark environment.... The symptoms are breathlessness, shaking, feeling sick e.t.c

My advice... Don't expose your kids to movies that will scare them. It's better not to tell them scary stories either.


This is the fear of confined spaces. A person might experience claustrophobia when in a sealed or windowless room, small cars and tight space or even when wearing a tight necked clothing.

It's an anxiety disorder which can result in panic attacks.

A person who suffers from claustrophobia is afraid of suffocation. He/she might hyperventilate, sweat, become nausea, feel a tightness in the chest or even chest pain when claustrophobia is triggered.

Force feeding causes claustrophobia in kids.

My advice..... Don't force feed your child.


This is a form of anxiety that can bring about fear or an excessive feeling of danger when alone.

Autophobia is not always a fear of being alone physically, it can also be a fear of being ignored or unloved.

Every kids wants to be loved and craves their parents attention, especially, that of the mother. This makes them a little vulnerable to autophobia.

My advice... Shower love and attention on your kids. 


This is an irrational fear of dead things or things that are related to death.

It can be caused by;

Attending a funeral as a child

Encountering a dead body or animal

Witnessing a person's death.

When necrophobia is triggered the sufferer experiences, Nausea, light-headedness, increased heartrate e.t.c

My advice.... Don't let your child near a dead body when he/she is not ready.

With knowledge I hope we can become better parents and build a future for our country, for ourselves.

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