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Husband and wife relationship

Why you should never give gap in how often you meet with your husband in bed.

Marriage is to be enjoyed and consummated. Two basic reasons why people marry is first to keep each other company and second for procreation.There are certain things that keep marriage.;sex,communication, good food,tolerance.I will not say endurance because marriage is not made to be endured.its meant to be enjoyed.Its a beautiful gift God has given unto the man and woman ,its now unto them to be intentional about it and make up their mind to enjoy it

However,I have seen couples say that the very first years of their marriage ,they love up themselves and consummate their marriage daily in bed .but in the later years,they say things change and funny enough they tend to see this to be normal .and because they perceive it as normal they see no reason to do anything about it.What change am I referring to . You see couples who are for instance from 3years old up into their marriage. They will tell you they can't recall the last time they had sex with their husband or wife.And then they will tell you that its okay,its no problems. Some will say they have so familiarized with their spouse that they feel nothing,so the sex doesn't come on a daily basis anymore. How on earth is this a good news. Some argue that overtime in the marriage, responsibilities will so cover your mind that you won't even remember there's anything like consummation with your husband or wife.

Now let me burst your bubbles,that's why we say that a successful marriage only happens when the man and the woman in it are intentional about it. As at the start of the marriage, the couple are still in an active phase where they need no special decision to keep the fire of love between them running because the hormones of excitement are still burning in both of you. By the time you are counting that four, five years and in that order,you will discover those euphoric hormones are naturally coming down.marking the entrance into the passive phase .what's peculiar about passive phases ,you now need your own energy to power that phase.This is where your being intentional comes will say to yourself,no matter how familiar we have so become with each other, no matter how busy our lives has become,no matter how overwhelming responsibilities are becoming it can't interfere with I and my spouse conjugating ,thus having sex with each other.

Marriage must be consummated.Even the Bible approves it.Its the easiest way to keep you and your spouse close to each other. Now let me alert you why its dangerous to stay weeks ,months with your husband or wife and no sex,you may be assuming you both are too busy or have a lot to bother about such that you don't even remember sex.You may still be thinking you are on the same page with your partner especially men,you won't know he is busy pursuing another woman outside and is getting what he wants there.Only to return home to continue the music of "we are too busy to even remember sex". Be wise today and get intentional about your marriage.

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