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Husband and wife relationship

4 Things You Should Do After Making Love To Your Wife

There's usually no shortage of advice about things you should do before making love to your wife, but what comes next? Do you know being present after intercourse is important to your wife? Before making love to your wife, there's this thrill, anticipation, and build-up before you finally get down to business. But once you're done, then what?

Here's what you should do right after being intimate with your wife:

1. Debrief

Yes, talk about it. It may sound weird, but "how was it for you?" is an underrated question. Ask her what she liked, what she'd like to try when you're trying next time, and tell her yours too.

Set your ego aside and try to listen to what she wants and how she'd like you to satisfy her. Don't focus on the negatives, although it might hurt, focus on making it better for her. Hence, for both of you. 

2. Cuddle

Oxytocin is a hormone that is released mostly because of lovemaking. But it is also released when two people that love each other snuggle up together. You can't just jump up to leave after making love to your wife, you have to stay with her. Your presence right after is more important to her than anything. Cuddling after intercourse helps you form an intimacy, a bond with your wife. It makes you both more affectionate and compassionate.

3. Shower Together

So, after intercourse and you're just lying on the bed, snuggled up against each other, hearts connecting, it starts to get a little bit sticky. It's safe to say a shower is in order then. So, go take a bath. Lathering each other up and the intense eye contact in the shower may even get you both excited and in the mood again.

4. Sleep

According to research by scientists, after intercourse, there's a release of hormones that make you drowsy, prolactin, which tries to coax you into rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, and oxytocin too. So, after making love to your wife, you should sleep to regain your energy.

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