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Divorce Affair

"I Don't Need My Wife's Permission To Bring Relatives Into My House As Long As I Do This"- Man Says

Some marriages allow other relatives and friends to come into their home at any time they like while others prefer to keep their relationship private. However, the husband and wife are supposed to agree as to the relatives that come into the house but some men fail to inform their wives of third parties who may be coming into the house. This eventually causes breakups or divorce in a relationship.

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A man identified as Bongo has revealed that he doesn't need permission from his wife to bring his siblings or relatives into his home as long as he is the one who provides in the family.

This caused a lot of reactions as many blasted the man for the statement he made. Below are some of the reactions:

A marriage is supposed to make the husband and wife united and this means they should share things with each other. I believe it would be a sign of disunity for a man to bring people his relatives into his home withhout at least informing his wife.

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