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How To End A Relationship Without Shaming Each Other On Social Media

The aim of most people who go into a relationship is to build a life together with their partners.

However, things may go rough along the way, and both partners will have to break up.

Breaking up with someone could be a very painful experience, especially if you have invested your time, effort, money, and made some sacrifices in the relationship.

How can two people who have already taken their relationships to social media break up without dragging or shaming each other?

You have already made your relationship with this person known to your friends, family, and followers on social media.

You have been seen taking pictures together on several occasions. That's why you need to break up in a way that won't shame both of you.

This is what you need to do.

Accept What Happened With Good Faith

You need to accept the reality that it is over between the two of you and accept the break up with good faith.

Don't see it as the end of the world so that you won't be sad or bitter about it. Remember, there's always a light after the tunnel.

Accept the fact that both of you are not meant to be together.

Don't Expose Secrets

You might feel tempted to expose some secrets about your ex on social media, but please don't do it.

This is because, once you expose the secrets about your ex on social media, he or she might be forced to depend on themselves by exposing some things about you too.

Don't Blame Your Ex

Never go on social media to accuse your ex of the breakup so that he or she won't start responding to your allegations by saying what might hurt you more.

Return Their Properties

If you have any of their belongings with you, try to return them immediately after you break up so that they won't be calling you out on social media.

Forgive Them

Forgive your ex and don't hold any grudges against them. Let your friends and followers on social media see that you're not bitter against them.

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