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15 Memorable first date ideas

First date always come with emotion such as excitement, love and joy. First date is hard to plan because you would love to make it memorable, simple and make it match your partner's taste.

Here, be rest assured to get the best, expert, unique and memorable first date ideas.

With these ideas below, your date will surely be fun and memorable.

1. Take a walk.

That's one of the simplest date idea. According to dating app zoosk. you can take a walk dinner.

2. Cook together.

Go to the grocery store to buy some food stuff and prepare something yummy and you both enjoy eating while having dinner you both can have a prep talk.

3. Play board games or puzzle.

You can invite your friend (Double date) or you and your partner play the game. Game you should try are chess, monopoly, scattergories, taboo or old chutes n' ladders.

4. Have a movie night.

You and your partner can go to the cinema or movie theater with a tub /bowl of popcorn or smoothie, watch a love and romantic movie, you can try it at home pick a new demanding or streaming movie.

5. Go hiking.

Hiking is one a common first date idea you should try, you both can try climbing mountains or take a walk. Either in the city, in a park or in countryside according to a relationship expert j.Hope said. Things needed while hiking, some bottles of water and snacks. While hiking that the best time to start a conversation.

6. Go for restaurant/bar.

Put on an admirable dress, prepare a table in your partner favorite restaurant or bar, arrive early (You should never arrive late on your a first date you would love to keep it memorable), start a conversation get to know more about your partner.

7. Go thrifting.

Hit a few thrifting store try finding some hidden treasure. This increases your sense of humor, you can probably win a present.

8. Play trivia games.

Try a trivia game either in or with friends.

Questions in trivia games are mostly based on culture or historical knowledge this game helps a lot in brain enhancement.

9. Learn to dance.

It could be salsa or waltz, dance is one of the best first date ideas ever it's a great way to get close.

10. Show a comedy.

One Way to ditch a stressful day after dinner is to grab a cocktail or wine and go to a comedy show having a comfortable and hopefully fun evening.

11. Get a spa treatment.

Having a side-by-side manicure, pedicure, chair massage or body massage with your partner while having a warm and relaxing conversation.

12. Go on a picnic.

Outdoor relaxation pack some snacks, water and blanket in a basket the head to your favorite or local park. Picnic is best during summer and in a park a bit quiet.

13. Go to the beach.

Pack a boxer/bikini, blankets and sunscreen with other stuff you'll need in the beach, just as picnic it is best during summer.

Most women find the beach to be a really romantic venue.

14. Bike riding.

After a delicious lunch you both can go explore your city.

15. Read a book.

Search for interesting and exciting books from famous and inspiring artists. It will help you both feel deep.

16. Escape an escape room.

This is an adventures game where people get together to solve various kinds of puzzle. This idea is full of fun.

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