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Incest/Inbreeding: Health Risks Associated With Marrying Your Relatives

Marriage between first cousins doubles the risk of children being born with birth defects, according to a study seeking answers to the higher than expected rates of deaths and congenital abnormalities in the babies of the Pakistani community. Researchers have concluded that the cultural practice of marriage between first cousins is a bigger factor than any other outweighing the effects of deprivation in parts of Bradford, where the study was carried out. Marriage to a blood relative accounted for nearly a third (31%) of all birth defects in babies.

Here are health risks associated with Inbreeding.


Many products of incest are ultimately inviable and often lead to miscarriages or stillbirths. Incestuous relationships are therefore commonly infertile ones. But dysfunctional reproductive systems are also a usual result of constant inbreeding, where pregnancy cannot even occur in the first place.

Misshapen Skulls

If you look at many ancient Egyptian busts, you may notice that their heads look a little funny, in particular, they are often elongated in the back. This wasn't just a stylistic choice on the part of the artist; many Egyptian royalty actually had skulls shaped like that. After all, Egyptian royal customs depended heavily upon incest. Brothers married sisters; mothers married sons; and cousins often married cousins. The result was that their skulls were often deformed.


Hemophilia (or haemophilia) is a rare bleeding disorder that prevents the blood from clotting, which means that its victims are prone to bleed out. Even minor bumps might result in internal hemorrhage and death. While hemophilia isn't necessarily a direct product of inbreeding, the chance of it occuring in kids born by married relatives is very high.

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Egyptian Misshapen Skulls


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