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Part 3: The reason my husband left me after our wedding night (fiction).

It was all celebration as I was getting married to the man I love, the one who took me in, at a time no one wanted me, he is my pride and the song in my head every morning when I wake up. 

I shared tears of joy, remembering I was finally getting married, many persons wrote me off, thinking no man would take me in. It was as though, I saw myself flying in the sky, at the point I finally said “I do”.

Just when I thought that, it was finally time to prove everyone who mocked me wrong, a catastrophe suddenly came on me. 

A tragic occurrence, one could describe as my enemies succeeding over me. 

It happened that before my marriage, my husband detest hearing about my ex, who abused me, before he came into my life, my ex has been begging for my forgiveness, since I started dating my husband. It's not like my ex is interested in coming back into my life, he only requested that we met, which my husband bluntly refused, that was how I didn't go to see him, but a day to my wedding, he sent me money, as his contribution to my wedding, and I sent him a text of appreciation to him. 

On the night of our wedding, everything went fine, I woke up in surprise the next morning, only to meet a note saying “babe it's over between us, I saw the alert of the money your ex sent you, despite all I did to keep you off him”, I have waited for two weeks, and still no trace of my husband. 

Please, what do I do? 

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