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My people, did I do anything wrong (FICTION)?

Readers, please, before you read this article, I want you to understand the reason I'm writing this. I want you readers to help me find out if what I did was wrong. Just tell me in the comments section. Okay, here it is;

I was supposed to travel to Enugu State. It bought my ticket, and boarded the bus that was supposed to take me to Enugu State. Sitting beside me in the bus, was a mother with her baby. She was sitting by the window of the bus. So during the journey, this woman started breastfeeding her baby. During the breastfeeding, mother slept off. The br**st of the woman fell out of the baby's mouth, and the baby started crying.

When I saw this, I tapped the mother to inform her of the situation, but she didn't wake up. I continued tapping, but she didn't wake up. Seeing the baby crying heavily, I held the br**st of the women to put it back in the baby's mouth. At that moment, the woman woke up, and started shouting at me, drawing the attention of all the passengers, who started raining insults on me? So readers, did I really deserve all this? I was only trying to help. Please tell me in the comments section.

Thank you.

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