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Husband and wife relationship

For Couples: 7 Benefits Of Being Married

Being married is one of the best thing you could ever imagine. The benefits it brings is something worth experiencing, if you haven't yet. These benefits includes;

1. The concept of marriage was developed right at the start of civilization. The vows taken at the ceremony were reviewed and accepted by the human society. It's a permission from the society to have children and start a family.

2. Marriage solves the short term ego conflict breakup. Your spouse will think many times before breaking a marriage because of all the legal obligations, thus giving more time to solve the problem instead of abandoning you. Your lover can break up with you without much fuss.

3. Marriage makes people a little less selfish. Most humans tend to take care of people they consider their loved ones. Marriage brings two families together increasing the number of loved ones. So, each member takes responsibility of all the members of both the families instead of just their own.

4. Marriage creates a sense of unity. Humans can feel weak and alone at times; even in a room full of people. Marriage creates that sense of unity that gives you security of knowing someone is there that will always have your back. Someone who will take care of you when you can’t take care of yourself. Support you when you can’t work. This is true of both husbands and wives. It is a guarantee that no matter what life throws at you there is someone who is there standing beside you to help you weather the storm. Marriage reminds you that you are not alone. It gives us strength in moments of weakness and we all have those moments.

5. Marriage is also like a parent... when you argue or have bad times (sometimes over long periods) and you want to walk away from your husband or wife forever… it is not easy to do...even if you do leave it takes time to make legal arrangements... marriage is the parent that forces you to stay until you cool off or have had time to think things through. Most times when you are thinking clearly, one learns that the bad time has passed or that they didn’t really want to leave and leaving would have been a mistake. Marriage forces you to take that second look; forces you to reflect before you do something stupid. Marriage is like a parent or better yet like a safety valve.

6. Marriage teaches trust, responsibility and forgiveness because you cannot live in a marriage without these things. Once you learn them, you can apply them throughout your life and it makes you a better person.

7. Marriage provides a sense of security for your children and a balanced upbringing. Let me say that children can be raised in a well-adjusted, loving home by a single parent. That is a fact. But the optimum way to raise a child is with a two-parent home by a mother and a father. Before you get defensive and tell me about all the exceptions to that rule let me explain. Men and women are very different; physically, our roles in society, the way we were raised and the way we interact with other humans. You cannot fully teach a son how to be a man if you aren’t one yourself. A mother can raise a son alone of course and do an excellent job, but she will never have complete understanding nor complete insight on what it means to be a man. A son needs to know those missing things. The same is true of men in all of these same ways. They will never know what it is to be a woman or have a woman’s perspective. Marriage forces balanced life lessons in the raising of children. Really it is the same for children as for a husband and wife. Marriage creates unity, safety and acts as glue to keep a family together until all come to their senses when things go bad. It also gives children a front row seat to learning trust, responsibility, forgiveness and unconditional love.

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