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Love activities that will make a girl show love like never before.

A relationship is said to be interesting if a guy understands and does some certain this that adds more interest to the relationship.

Being the head of a relationship comes with a whole lot of activities. If you truly love a girl, it is expected of you to do some of the things listed below.

(1). Remember her birthday and get her a gift. It does not have to be expensive, but the fact that it came from you will be enough.

(2). Leave a voice message for her when you understand it's too early to wake her with calls.

(3). If you say you are going to call her, make sure you do. Even if you can only talk for a minute, she will be happy to hear your voice.

(4). Listen to her opinions. shows that you value her thoughts and opinions.

(5). Do not go and hang out with your ex when she is not with you. You may not realize just how much this hurts her.

(6).Treat her the same around your friends as you do when you are alone.

(7) If she is angry at you, just say sorry to her. It doesn't remove anything from you.

(8) Walk her home or to safety. Be a gentleman and walk her to her car or home because you are concerned for her safety.

(10). If she says she ‘loves you more’. Insist that your own is the greatest. As a guy, that's how it should be.

(11). No matter how she offends you, never criticize or shout at her in public.

(12). Compliment her. She spent a lot of time getting ready, be a gentleman, and show her that you have noticed.

Trust me, there is nothing much in a relationship than these little_little things you can do to make a girl feel loved. And that girl will show you some love in return.

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