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Six Tips To Reconnect With Your Partner When You Feel Lonely In A Relationship.

Loneliness is an incredibly common thing, you might wonder why you can feel lonely even when you are physically and emotionally surrounded by people or even in the most intimate relationships. Perhaps, the company is not providing you with an adequate connection.

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Regardless of the setting you find yourself, it is absolutely normal to feel lonely from time to time, even with the presence of other people. It could be at the work place, in social settings, or in a romantic relationship, loneliness will always have it's tendency of creeping in.

Before delving into the tips we can use to overcome loneliness in a relationship, it will be important to be acquainted with the signs that show you battling loneliness in your relationship. The signs are as follows:

-One of the partners appearing disengaged or uninterested most of the time.

-Not feeling the warmth or concern.

-Spending more time on the screen, especially social media.

-Becoming disinterested in date nights.

-Not feeling appreciated or supported.

-You begin to feel distant, even when you are in the same room.

-Lack of conversation.

If you want to know what to do about feeling lonely in a relationship, you can use the following tips together with your partner to reconnect again.

1. Complement, Appreciate and be Grateful

Complementing one another and talking about the things you like about each other is a great way to strengthen the connection between you and your partner. You can talk about the things you have overcome together and how much stronger you have become as a couple because of it.

Also, showing gratitude towards one another is an indication of how important you are in each other's life. Always say thank you even for small favours.

2. Engage in some acts of kindness

Doing favours for your partner to show them you care goes a long way in establishing a strong bond in your relationship. For instance, helping them with a task they are struggling with, running an errand for them, going for a picnic, or perhaps making a meal and cleaning dishes are spontaneous ways to show your partner you really care about them.

3. Plan a trip or night out together

This is a better and romantic way to reconnect with your partner. It will alter the routinely mundane activities and rejuvenate the love between both parties.

If a trip is not the budget, you can try planning a night out together. Go to watch a comedy show together or go for a dinner, and ensure to take time to focus on and enjoy each other’s company.

4. Work on your communication

Although it can be really tough to open up to your partner about how you are feeling lonely. But as difficult as it sounds, it is absolutely necessary to tell your partner how you are feeling. Just be clear, direct, and honest about it. And as delicately as possible, decide together how you can address the issues.

The only way to ensure they understand is to gather your emotions and say them out loud because without communication, the issues cannot be outlined let alone dealing with them.

5. Remember What Brought You Together

Reminders of what brought you together can be a great way you can integrate changes into your relationship to feel more connected again. For example, if you and your partner used to connect on hikes together, try to restart that activity.

Try to talk about the moments you cherished together, what you used to enjoy doing together, what you loved about each other, and all the activities you engaged in that made you feel connected.

6. Take Control of Your Expectations

Although our partner holds an important place in our lives, and as per expectation, the relationship should bring fulfillment to us in many ways, but it cannot be the only thing that fulfills us. It is important to know that we need friends, fellow hobbyists, or coworkers to provide fulfillment in other areas.

Most at times, our expectations of our partner and our relationship might leave us feeling disappointed and unfulfilled, when this happens, we may need to make adjustment on our expectations.

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