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Things you do that chases women away from you.

Now you may have be wondering what could be the thing you do that chases women away from you, however am not a feminist movement activist no! The things that chases women away could be done knowingly or unknowingly. Some has become a habit I mean a part of our lives what our consent.

You may be asking your self were have not been getting it right? There are many things to put into consideration when looking into the things you do that chases women away cause it is a large topic but as you read on hope you get to know and adjust your ways.

If you you want to know and stop this habit you need to first know what you are doing.

Correcting your partner constantly:

Nobody is perfect yes everyone knows, at times we humans are bond to make mistakes.

Be it ego or anything majority of people believe they live above average some are intolerant, they are mostly fault finders who capitalize mostly on your mistakes than your good deeds. With high sense of self an elitist is born.

You may poke fun on people and see it as normal, but it becomes a problem when you begin correcting your partner in a conversation, maybe while earnestly telling you a story she made use of the wrong verb or noun. or used a wrongly mentioned phrase. but that doesn't deem you the police to rectify the problem.

Persistent and regular public correction will make her pull away from you, don't be such kind of person nobody likes such person.

Being a perfectionist:

For perfectionist love can be come conditional on performance, and the smallest mistake can trigger a total shut down. The overly perfectionist is prone to being critical of his or her mate, hiding mistakes, and a fear of vulnerability. Projecting your own standard on a person sets up an attainable criterion for which she will ultimately fail.

Communicating only through text:

If you ain't aware communication is very vital in a relationship, to further eloberate on this communication helps the both party understand there self well, it creates an avenue for you both to get more closer. But sadly man has replaced the right way of communicating to only texting on phone.

Texting hAs become a dominant way of communication of this generation. Now what is scary habitual texting have a negative effect on your interpersonal skills, and limit your ability to interpret non verbal clues. Men value activities while women like conversation. So if you are always texting I think is right time to put that into consideration.

Frequent use of vulgar language:

When you keep useing vulgar slangs, and not minding you use this language against your lady, and what do I mean by saying vulgar language. This means using unreasonable words they may come as normal roasting but this meant drive your relationship further away. So it's better you disdain that for Good.

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