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Here are possible reasons a guy you message takes long to reply to your text, and how to resolve the situation

Majority of guys are not aware of how much their lack of responding to text annoy women. We are communicative beings so when we are not getting that communication it can drive us crazy. There are lots of reasons why he is taking long to respond to you text and we will be looking at a few of them.

He might be busy: Busy people often can’t reply within minutes or even hours. They have other responsibilities or obligations on their time if he has things he is doing maybe, work, school etc. and there maybe times he will not be able to be with his phone and he may not be able to respond to your text as fast as you want. Or he may not be certain of what you are asking and will not want you to use his words against him so, he gives himself time to think and then give you the right answer to your statement or question.


You both have to talk things over and know when it is convenient for you to text each other most especially if the both of you are doing a 9 to 5 hour jobs. If you find yourself in this situation or if you are delay texter, it is best you drop a simple text like;

Hey! I cannot really talk right now, let me get back to you later

He does not feel like talking to you: As much as this hurt, it is the basic truth. Most times he does not want to be bothered at that moment and replying you means, more texting and he is not ready to go down that path at that moment.


Its best you text, I’m not in a good mood to talk right now, let’s text later. This is better than ignoring him.

He is not serious about you.


You can talk about this in a calm and loving manner. If he still continues with his nonchalant attitude, then I guess you have to let go of the relationship and stop hurting yourself.

He is in a relationship with someone else: I might be wrong but the truth is most times, it is always true. If a man is in another relationship, it is difficult for them to be fully committed to another relationship. But I do not want you to jump to conclusion.


Speak to him about it. If he is not having a relationship with someone else, he will be able to correct it and you both are good to go.It is always best to ask the other person if you have concerns. You can also make things more clearly by stating in your text. E.g. “It would be great to hear from you today


You have to make a choice for yourself. Do you want to be someone’s maybe? Are you satisfied and happy with one text per day? If your answer is Yes! then that is lovely but If after communicating with them about you not being happy and they are willing to work things out, that will be good but if not, you can choose the path that brings you more of what you want and that is happiness.

Stop pleading for their attention or mercy. Search and find your own folks, be bold, strong and built your own kingdom! Just ignore those who ignored you!

Written by:Juliana Jonathan

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