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20 Tips that will Guide you to Win a Girl's Heart easily

20 Tips that will guide you to winning a girl's heart.

We all know that most ladies want to play hard to find , there by making it more stressful for a man to have her 'yes'. Even when she loves you and dream been your woman.

Here are ways or rules to win or have the woman of your choice. They are as follows:

1. Believe whatever the girl shows you at first. Don't be blinded by love.

2. Women are ruled by their emotions, so learn to use it to your advantage.

3. You must learn how to manipulate women.

4. Always lead in your relationship, meaning you should learn to he in charge.

5. Always be the uninterrupted person.

6. Women love sex just as men do, Don't be decieved. They desires sex as men does. Always make the move.

7. The moment you feel you can't live without her, you automatically loose her, you should exhibit the traits that will only make her superior to you. A girl always needs to feel she love you more than you do.

8. You should learn to reduce the amount of calls, text massages and chatting, it makes her insufficiently attended to.

9. Don't take the advice of sleeping with another girl from a woman.

10. What is unsaid when with a girl or woman is often more than what is said .learn to use eye contact when flirting with women.

11. If you're cought cheating, try to deny, say no, she will find a way to fix her self

12. Begging a girl or woman can only increase her disdain. Never do that.

13. Always believe in your insticts.

14. Never fully trust a girl or woman, it's not in their character to be trustworthy.

15. Always treat a girl like second option, and you won't loose her.

16. Don't make her feel too special.

17. Always let her say 'i love you first' she will respect you for your self control.

18. Watch what a girl does and not what she says.

19. Girls lie. Get over it , learn to play the game.

20. The more money you have, the more attractive you become to the materistic ones. Learn to put up a humble front at first to screen out the Golddiggers.

Meanwhile you should be guided, that all women are not the same, be wise enough to identify the one that truely love you.

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