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Why I Don't Agree With The Lady Who Said That Anybody That Forgives Cheating Is Also Cheating

A post was recently published by Gistreel on their verified Facebook page. In the viral post, a young lady alleged that anybody who forgives you for cheating is also cheating. This assertion sparked mixed reactions among Nigerians as they argued over the statement.

Some people jumped on the issue to give the lady a thumb up as they totally agree with her. To them, no one will forgive you for cheating on him/her except for the fact that they are cheating as well. Also, some people argued that the lady is wrong. This set of people believes that anyone can forgive a cheating partner without being guilty of the same crime.

In my opinion, I strongly disagree with this lady for many convincing reasons and as I will share in this article.

Her statement is based on assumption and has no validated backup.(Credit: @FunmiKolz || Twitter).

When I came across her statement on the internet the first thing that came to my mind was "stereotype". It's crystal clear that the young lady is speaking based on what she believes and not as a result of legit research, hence, making her claim unconvincing and I can't agree with such a claim.

There are millions of partners out there who cherish their relationship and are ready to forgive their partner's shortcomings without being in the same category with them.

Yes, some faithful partners won't cheat in their relationship just because the other partner cheated or forgive their cheating partner because they cheat as well. I need you to understand that some people are very cautious of their actions and had set a standard that they won't go against. These kinds of people will forgive their cheating partner without having any cheating record.

Let's not be too quick in believing what people say as many of them can be misleading and make us misjudge other people. You should be grateful if your partner forgives you for cheating and not believe that he/she forgave you simply because they cheat too.

What can you say on this matter? Kindly share your opinion with us.

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