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Heartbreaking Story Of A Lady Whose Best Friend Destroyed Her Wedding


There are times in life when those people we trust and tell all our secrets to might betray us, at times they might go as far as destroying that thing we cherish the most. In this article, we are going to be looking at how this woman was betrayed by her best friend which led to the canceling of her wedding.

Her Story

According to the lady, she first shared the good news of her intended marriage with her best friend when her fiance approached her and proposed to her although she was not sure whether she was ready to marry him.

Her closest companion encouraged her to feel free to wed him not realizing that she was envious of her. She consented to wed him and acquainted her closest companion with her fiancee. 

The wedding plans began and she was exceptionally energized yet as days went her fiancee quit conversing with her and he no longer made a fuss over the wedding any longer.

In her narration, she said that the best friend to her fiancee told her that her best friend has been saying a lot of negative things about her to her fiance which made him angry, and wanted to cancel the wedding.

After she heard that, she went on to confront her friend who agreed that she did it and begged for forgiveness, although she forgave her friend, that was the end of their friendship.

Although she is married to that same man, this was because a series of praying and fasting was conducted and he came back and asked for a second chance. The lady has urged people to choose their best friends wisely.

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