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One Healthy Thing Couples Are Advised To Always Do Before Intimacy

Intimacy also known as 'love making', is like the deepest forms of love expression in most human romantic relationships. Several infections also get into the body through the gateway of lovemaking. 

Source: Times Of India

One of such infections is that of the urinary tract (UTIs) experienced by some couples after intercourse. This article shall deal on one habit that is healthy and can be adopted by couples inorder to help reduce the chances of occurrence of this disease.

Drinking water before getting involved in intimacy with your partner can go a long way in reducing the chances at which this infection can occur. The reason is, when you drink water just about starting the intercourse, by the time you must have completed the act with your partner, a lot of it must have gotten to your bladder and you would feel the need to go and urinate.

Urination helps flush away from the urinary tract, any bacteria that may have found it's way there, preventing it from growing further. Urinary tract infections are caused when such bacteria thrives in the urinary tract.

This practice can be more effective in helping females avert the possibilities of getting their urinary tracts infected sequel to intercourse. Due to the nature of the genitalia females are blessed with, there is a greater possibility that the exchange of fluids during intercourse can result to easy introduction of such bacteria to their tracts of urination unlike males whose urethra are long and tubelike. Hence, females are advised to take this lesson more seriously.

Remember that this is just a simple tip and should not be replaced for treatments when the need for one calls. Endeavor to reach out to your doctor when there is need for medical attention.

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