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All you need to know about the pregnant mountain in Colombia

All you need to know about the pregnant mountain in Colombia

Such a beautiful piece of art to behold; the pregnant mountain sculpture is gladly situated outside the town of Santo Domingo in Colombia. Showing a foetus in the womb, the pregnant mountain drives home many tributes and got its name from how it looks.

It was crafted by a University student, a South American artist Dubian Monslave as his degree working the University. The magnificent objet d'art took the artist 15 days to complete. 15 days of glorious stress it turned out to be. What intrigues about the location of this art is that it is just by the road side; everyone can take pictures with the pregnant mountain. Wouldn't you love to be in Columbia some day? If not for anything but to catch a real glimpse of the mountain.

Interestingly, the mountain was crafted using farm tool equipment rather than the modern equipment you might have assumed. Such beauty was crafted with crude equipments! By using rudimentary tools he explained that he drew a lesson to farmers not to abandon their identity as individuals who are responsible for feeding the country.

The sculpture is a tribute to the woman who gives life. According to Dubian it represents his Christian conviction that life has value from conception to end.

According to Dubian, the sculpture was crafted during a difficult time in the community and using the rudimentary farm tools was used to sort of re- energise farmers, a tribute to being born again.

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