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How to tell a guy/lady is just wasting your time in a relationship

1. Your partner is your highest critic. This one is a very troubling sign.

It can be closer to bullying than it is to playful good fun. If your partner throws you insults jokingly. It’s a signal that your partner does not have your best interests at heart.

2. You need to change who you really are to keep your partner satisfied.

Let’s be straight. If you can’t be authentic with your partner and accepted for who you are, what is the point of the relationship?

3. You can’t picture yourself with them in your favorite place, doing your favorite things.

It can indicate that your relationship is experiencing issues and pressures at one point or another, or even worse, you’re not that much into them.

4. Your partner’s insecurity leads to controlling behaviors.

A healthy relationship doesn’t require you checking up on your partner all the time. There is a huge difference between saying, “I worry about you on the bus late at night” and, “I don’t want you going out at night without me.

5. You don’t share a sense of humor.

Here is an example. ”We were in the car and I told a hilarious joke. So funny, I was laughing at it myself. He looked over at me super serious and said, 'You know, I really don’t think you’re that funny'."

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