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Opinion: 3 Parts Of A Man's Body That Most Women Find Attractive

Men are one of the most creature in this world and this is because unlike women, they don't need to make hair, pedicure, manicure or make up for them to look handsome.

Generally women are attracted to men of high fashion sense with good looks. In some cases, women are attracted to intelligence, complexion and so on. But in this article we shall see certain body part that women find attractive in men.

1. Beards: Women are very much attractive to men beards. The fluffy nature of beards excites most women and that's why they always love to touch it when they are priveledged to do so.

2. Eyes and Lips: This is a common body part that women are attracted to. Most women fall in love with some guys because they love the way his lips move when he talks, or how the man steal glances at them.

3. Muscular chest: This is a common feature that women are attracted to. They love a well build chest and this is because it is a major feature that differentiate men from women.

Content created and supplied by: Bami-Umar (via Opera News )

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