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6 Ways You Let Technology Ruin Your Relationship

Couples need to be very careful of technology, mostly the use of laptops and mobile phones, television, social media etc. Everything that has a good side also has a bad side.

We should learn to create time for our partner no matter what. In our generation today, technology has more negative impacts on technology and relationships, mostly for people that abuse the use of technology. 

Here Are 6 Ways You Let Technology Ruin Your Relationship. 

1. Communication. 

It is true that technology has improved communication between partners, but in a way, technology has distorted communication. In today's society, couples talk less these days. They base more on texting and chatting, and such things take away the real means of phone technology, which is calls. Couples now spend more time chatting, which is unlike before. 

2. Quality Time Is No Longer Quality. 

The use of phones, television, social media has cut the quality time people spend in a relationship. 

Couples spend more time on their phone, social media or doing other things than giving their partner quality time. In one way or the other, technology has reduced the quality time couples spend with their partner. 

3. During Dates

Couples these days don't give 100% attention to their partner during dates; either, you see them paying more attention to their phones, social media. It is rare to see couples go on a date spending quality time without holding their phones or on calls, social media etc. They are always on their phone, and this is not cool. 

4. Social Media Takes The Shine Off The Relationship

People these days what to impress people on social media more than improving their relationship for the better. 

Happy relationships on social media and forgetting the real relationship in real life, they just focus more on putting show on the social media. By this way, you are allowing the social media to take away the shine of your relationship. 

5. Reduced Time And Attention

The use of televisions, smartphones and made couples pay less attention to their partner. People prefer spending more time on their phones than their partner, and this is not good because it reduces the time couples spend together. 

6. It Has Increase Flirting And Cheating

Technology or the use of the phones has increased flirting and cheating in our society. The truth is social media has increased flirting, people now find it easy to cheat, and much temptation on the social media can even destroy many homes. 

The truth is, technology can ruin a relationship and marriage if not used properly or abused. Couples should learn to spend more time with their partner. 

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